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Request for Counselor Action

  1. Login to MyCoyote Student Self-Service using your MyCoyote ID and Password.
  2. MyCoyote Student Self-Service home page appears.
  3. Select the Student Center link to view your financial aid information such as aid year and award period. You may accept, decline, and/or reduce awards.
  4. MyCoyote Student Center page appears. Click the Accept/Decline Awards link to request for a change, a meeting, or an withdrawal from the aid application.
  5. MyCoyote Financial Aid - Select Aid Year to View page appears. Click the Aid Year link to request for counselor actions.
  6. MyCoyote Financial Aid - Award Package page appears.
  7. Click the Request Counselor Action link to request for counselor actions.
  8. MyCoyote Financial Aid - Request Counselor Action page appears.
    • Select a request type from the drop down list.
    • Enter the request details in the Enter request details text box.
    • Click the SAVE button to save the requests.
  9. Click the Cancel Request button to cancel the existing request.
    • Enter the comments in the Add comments text box.
    • Click the SAVE button to save the changes.
  10. To view the previous requests, click the View Prior Requests button.
  11. Select a desired section from the drop down list to access different sections.

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